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We help you bridge the gap between what your game is and what it can be.
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External perspective makes games better.

Who are your players? Are you meeting their needs? What might reviewers say?
Our insights will allow you the time and resources to make the right decisions.

Agency Plays

No matter what point you’re at in the development cycle, we look at your game from a perspective trained by years of creative analysis.

We can see where you’re going, not just where you are right now.

Agency Analyzes

Our first report focuses on the tangible results of our first engagement with your work.

We won’t waste your time pushing ideas that aren’t for you. We clearly define where we see you in the market, what we like about your endeavor and what we’d change.

Agency Delivers

The result is an essential tool that guides development, helps team communication and informs investor meetings.

Our process is flexible to your situation, your needs and your game.

Wondering how it all shakes out?
Take a look at our most recent case study.


Square Enix Collective

Helping indie teams prepare for bigger opportunities

Square Enix’s Collective team believes in nurturing unique indie concepts to their full potential. Agency was the perfect partner for that goal, commissioned to support Collective partner studios as they prepared their game concepts, demos and materials to launch funding campaigns.

Agency partnered with Kitfox Games to prepare unique procedural RPG Moon Hunters for primetime, with assessments focused on helping studio founder Tanya Short suss out and maximize the distinctive strengths of her project, and provided a sounding board for her questions and concerns about media outreach. Moon Hunters had a successful PAX showing, and earned four times its goal on Kickstarter.

"Agency has provided a wealth of ideas and top-notch external perspectives."

Phil Elliott, project lead, Square Enix Collective

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Welcome to Agency!

For the past year or so, Agency’s been quietly working with all kinds of game developers, to provide perspective, support internal team communication and offer design criticism. We’ve built a really strong process of assessment and written reporting that scales to meet the needs of individual projects and teams — the best way I can describeRead More

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